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Youtuber Crashes Plane For Video, Facing 20 Years In Prison

A YouTuber in California has admitted to purposely crashing a plane in order to get views on a video. Twenty-nine-year-old Trevor Jacob uploaded a video to YouTube called “I Crashed My Plane”, where he is shown to “accidentally” crash his plane.

Jacob said that his engine malfunctioned which caused the plane to crash. In the video, Jacob acts very nervous as he says he is very hungry, tired and scared as he tries to work his way to safety.

According to Jacob, he had filmed this video in order to gain a sponsorship deal to make some extra cash.

Unfortunately for Jacob, because of the stunt he pulled, he is now facing around twenty years in prison. Jacob is expected to go to court very soon according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The video which was filmed in December of 2021 currently sits at over 4.1 million views on YouTube and has been viewed 10’s of millions of times on other platforms.

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