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Wildfires Continue To Rage In Canada, Spewing Smoke Into Northern America

Wildfires have raged in Canada since the spring. They continue to affect air quality over all of North America.

Due to the smoke from these fires, most of the northeast of the United States is experiencing very hazy and orange-tinged skies. With the air quality so poor, vulnerable populations are advised to stay indoors or wear a mask.

More than 4000 fires have taken place, and about 25 million acres have burned just this year. As these wildfires continue to burn, Canadian forestry and firefighters have used hoses to put them out, and they have dug out hot spots by removing dried soil and vegetation to try and stop the spread of the fires.

Harsh weather conditions have also made it harder to fight these fires. The hotter temperatures have caused the leaves and plants to dry out, which makes them more flammable.

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