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Why Joe Biden Shouldn’t Be Running For Office

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has just formally/officially announced his run for the 2024 election. In his official announcement, he said “let’s finish this job”, basically telling voters that he needs more time in office to fix certain issues in America.

Joe Biden is eighty years old right now. If Biden were to be reelected, he would be eighty-two years old for his second term in office. This means that when he would finish his second term in office, he would be eighty-six years old, making him by far, the oldest president to ever be in office.

Joe Biden has arguably been the least liked president in America’s history. Despite getting the most votes a president has ever gotten in the 2020 election, his approval ratings have been lower than almost any other president in history.

Joe Biden has absolutely destroyed the economy in America. Since he took office, prices of almost every home good or necessity have skyrocketed up. Gas prices have been at prices so high, that it’s almost unimaginable.

Let’s also not forget, the disaster class, that was the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, which left several Americans dead, as well as basically handing the Taliban billions of dollars in military equipment.

Joe Biden has caused serious damage to this country over his time as president and who knows what other damage he can do over another four years.

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