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Volcano Threat Causes Millions To Evacuate

A volcano in Mexico has started to spew ash as millions of residents are packing their bags in case of an evacuation. The volcano that is causing trouble is near Mexico’s capital, Mexico City.

The volcano has threatening to erupt for some time. It’s name is Popocatépetl.

The volcano is massively affecting air travel as it is very difficult for planes to take off. Hundreds of flights have already been delayed or canceled as the volcano situation just continues to worsen.

Popocatépetl has had many lava bursts as well as causing even more scares. If this volcano fully erupts, who knows what the effect will be not only in Mexico, but in the world as well.

The last time the volcano had erupted was in 1994. The volcano had slowly gained more tension and it can erupt any day now.

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