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Vladimir Putin Forgives Billions In African Debt

Vladimir Putin has recently forgiven the billions of dollars in debt owed by African countries. This seems to be one of the biggest of the numerous steps that Putin has taken to join forces with Africa.

Putin and the African leaders had met at a summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they met and discussed about current issues, such as helping out against terrorism, crime rates, and writing off African debts.

Putin also made it very clear that Africa would have a strong trade alliance if they partnered with Russia. Forty-nine representatives from African countries attended the summit.

If Russia can obtain the complete backing of Africa, then the war in Ukraine might come to an end very soon. This would also be bad for countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada because most of Africa is usually fairly neutral, but if they partnered with one of their biggest enemies, that neutrality would fade away.

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