Violent Protests Erupt In France After Police Killing Of Teenager

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onJuly 4, 2023 Comments0

Protests in France have continued to be a problem, as chaos has ensued across the country. The main reason there have been so many protests was because a teenager had been shot by the police in the city of Nanterre.

Cities such as Paris and now Marseille, have had many violent incidents over the past few days. In Marseille, there were over four-hundred people that were arrested due to the protests.

Although these protests had gotten progressively worse over the past few days, this really had all started back when the French government had raised the retirement age from sixty-two to sixty-four. This was a huge revelation amongst the public, and it was clear to see the French were not happy.

The protests going on right now are showing no signs of stopping. It just seems like every city in France is enduring some form of protest at the moment. Hopefully these protests will come to an end soon as it is definitely harmful towards the citizens of France.  


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