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Tucker Carlson Parts Ways With Fox News

Prominent political figure, and one of the most popular conservative news hosts, Tucker Carlson, has now parted ways with Fox News. Although there is no exact confirmation as to why Fox News let go of Tucker Carlson, there was recently a lawsuit against Fox News from a Dominion Voting Systems case.

Apparently, there were many text messages from Carlson that could have greatly affected the network. With the information that Tucker Carlson contained, it allegedly would have been way to detrimental towards Fox News.

Fox News announced this on Monday, April 24th, and that his last show was Friday, April 21st. Since his leaving, Fox News’s stock has dropped off tremendously.

Carlson was the host of his own prime time show for about six years. He was extremely influential and successful.

Millions would tune into his show at 8pm to hear him discuss what was going on in the world. Many admired how honest and truthful Carlson was. He was never afraid to speak his mind and he would always say it how it is.

It is unclear where Carlson will be headed next, but wherever he goes, it will definitely add a huge boost towards that company, or networks viewership.

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