Tucker Carlson Announces The New Location Of His Show

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMay 11, 2023 Comments0

Popular political figure, and former TV host, Tucker Carlson, has announced that he will move his show to the social media app, Twitter. This announcement had come just weeks after he had left Fox News.

At first, many thought that it was just a mutual leaving, between Fox News and Tucker. However, it seems like there was way more going on behind the scenes between Carlson and Fox News.

Tucker Carlson has probably been the most popular political television host in the past decade. His influence across the world had caused millions to tune in to his show every night.

Once Tucker left, Fox News’s ratings and viewership had gone down tremendously. Carlson is fifty-three years old and with the controversy surrounding him with Fox News, he is more popular than ever.

According to Carlson, Twitter is the only place/platform that free speech exists. As of now, Musk has stated that he and Tucker have not signed a deal on Twitter, but knowing Carlson’s influence, that could come eventually.


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