Trump Official Responds To Possible Indictment Of The Former President

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After the announcement of a possible indictment of former President Donald Trump coming next week, a spokesperson for Trump released a statement reacting to the indictment.

“President Donald J. Trump is completely innocent, he did nothing wrong, and even the biggest, most Radical Left Democrats are making that clear,” Trumps spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News.

“From Russia, Russia, Russia, to the Mueller Hoax, to Impeachment Hoaxes 1 and 2, and even the Unlawful Mar-a-Lago Raid, Democrats have investigated and attacked President Trump since before he was elected – and they’ve failed every time.” 

“Now Democrats are at it again, pushing the ‘Nuclear Button’ and attacking a President because of a disgraced extortionist,” he added.

“This is happening because President Trump is leading in the polls by a large margin against both Democrats and Republicans, and there’s never been anything so blatant in American political history.” 

“Everyone knows it’s a sham. In fact, the Department of Justice stocked the DA’s office with top people from DC to help ‘Get Trump’ at a local level. Americans will not tolerate Radical Left Democrats turning our justice system into an injustice system to influence a presidential election, which is all they want to do. Our Country is not going to let this happen. This will backfire massively for the Democrat Party, and end in disgrace for our Nation,” he finished.

Trump is allegedly going to be indicted by Alvin Bragg, the New York County District Attorney. Bragg has been coming after Trump for years, and as of right now, none of the charges have gone anywhere.


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