Trump Destroys Former VP, Mike Pence, In New Statement

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onAugust 10, 2023 Comments0

In a Truth Social post on Thursday, former President Donald Trump, said that his former Vice President, Mike Pence “getting very bad advice” from individuals around him.

“I never asked Mike Pence to ‘disregard the Constitution.’ Nor did I tell him that he was ‘too honest.’ He is under great pressure and getting very bad advice from Marc ‘Long’ and perhaps some of his other advisers. His Poll numbers have just gone down from an already anemic level. Liddle’ Mike now wants to be a tough guy. He could have had greatness, but chose another path!”

Mike Pence has been under immense scrutiny from Conservatives over the past two years because of the way he has been going against Trump, along with the fact that he certified the 2020 Presidential election, which many claim was a fraudulent election.

Trump believes that if Pence would have stuck by his side, the former Vice President could have achieved “greatness”.


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