Train Crash Leaves At Least 36 Dead

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMarch 2, 2023 Comments0

On Tuesday, February 28th, a huge train crash had taken place in Greece causing many people to die and leaving many severely injured. The crash happened near the city of Larissa. The crash was reportedly a head on collision between two different trains. The collision was reportedly at very high speeds as well.

According to the BBC, this was the worst train crash that Greece has ever seen. After the train crashed, massive fires erupted on the train. There were also people who were thrown out of the train when the crash had happened because the impact was that severe. Reportedly, the station manager of the train has been arrested regarding the situation that has happened. There have been search teams that are still at the site of the crash looking for people that may still be alive. At least thirty-six people have died from this crash so far.


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