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Titanic Tourist Submarine Goes Missing In Ocean

A submarine for tours about the Titanic has gone missing while touring the site of the wreck. The sub went missing in the Atlantic Ocean and there was reportedly a total of 5 people on board the vessel.

“We are exploring and mobilizing all options to bring the crew back safely,” OceanGate, the tour company announced in a statement. “Our entire focus is on the crewmembers in the submersible and their families.”

“We are deeply thankful for the extensive assistance we have received from several government agencies and deep sea companies in our efforts to reestablish contact with the submersible” OcenGate added. “We are working toward the safe return of the crewmembers.”

A Representative from New York, Brandon Williams, also gave his input on the situation, saying “I have 500 days at sea on a submarine, so my heart really goes out to the missing crewmen and their families. The United States Navy needs to step up and do everything possible to help locate that submarine as quickly as possible”.

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