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Terror Leader Calls for Global Jihad

The former head of the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, called for a worldwide “Day of Rage,” to be held on Friday, October 13, in support of Palestine in their war with Israel.

Khaled Meshaal’s demand for global jihad and violent protest specifically implored Israel’s neighbors, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, to rise up against Israel and any who support her.

This comes on the same day as Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah began attacking Israel. Throughout this week of terror and fighting, pro-Palestinian groups have organized protests against Israel in cities across the world, including on many U.S. college campuses. Some of these groups have called for the deaths of Jewish people and an end to the state of Israel.

Tragically, more Jewish people died on October 8, the initial day of the Palestinian invasion, than on any other day since the Holocaust.

Pray for Israel.

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