Ted Cruz Reminds AOC Of The Racist History Of Her Party

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During an argument on Twitter, New Yok City Representative, AOC, asked Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, about the history of the Democrat party. In response to this, Cruz said this, “Sure. – First, the Dem party founded the KKK. – Then the Dem party wrote Jim Crow laws. – Then the Dem party filibustered the Civil Rights Act.”

He also added “Today, the Dem part filibusters school choice—trapping millions of Black kids in failing schools. – Today, the Dem party pushes abolishing the police, which results in many more Black lives murdered. – Today, every Dem senator voted against my bill to stop DC from throwing 40% of Black kids out of schools bc of vax mandate.”

Cruz also reminded AOC that Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, founded the party to end slavery in America.

“- Also, just two years ago, the Dem governor of Virginia had put the photo of A MAN DRESSED AS A KKK KLANSMAN on his personal yearbook page. – And today, the sitting Dem President—Joe Biden—gave in 2011 a flowery eulogy for an “Exalted Cyclops” of the KKK” Senator Cruz added.

Many people have the false idea that the Republican party was the one that supported slavery and segregation because that is the narrative that the media tries to spin. In reality, the Democrat party was fighting to keep slavery alive in this country and supported the Jim Crow laws.


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