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Sperm Donor Said To Be Father Of Over 500 Children

A sperm donor, who is responsible of fathering over five-hundred-fifty children, has been ordered to stop. The Dutch man was only supposed to produce a maximum of twenty-five children, according to Dutch law. However, the man obviously had way more than twenty-five children.

According to multiple reports, the donors name is Johnathon, and he had lied to his family members about the actual number of children he had. Johnathon, who is a forty-one-year-old man, had actually been banned from fertility clinics before, but he went anyways.

If Johnathon ever donates to any more sperm banks, he could be fined over one-hundred-thousand dollars. His five-hundred-fifty plus children are all over the world, as he did a majority of his donations, abroad from the Netherlands.

He would also donate a lot of his sperm on the internet.

One of the main reasons he was banned was because most of the children, that he fathered, would have no idea who he was. If he kept continuing to donate, the number of children who would not know who their biological father would increase.

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