South African Rapper, Costa Titch, Dies On Stage

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Costa Titch, a South African rapper, died on stage while performing at a festival. Reports and footage show the twenty-eight-year-old rapper preforming his song on stage but stumbling while singing.

Eventually, he collapsed on the stage but got right back up and finished his song. Unfortunately, once he finished singing, he collapsed again and died later at the hospital. Costa Titch, whose real name is Constantinos Tsobanoglou, is extremely popular in South Africa and will be missed by many of his fans.

Tsobanoglou was performing at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. The cause of death is unknown at this time as no reports have come out yet on why he continuously collapsed.

Tsobanoglou’s family had posted on his Instagram asking for time and space and thanking the people that have given Tsobanoglou support across the years.

This is the second South African rapper to die within the last couple months, as Tsobanoglou’s friend, rapper AKA (Kiernan Forbes), had died at the age of thirty-five after being shot and killed in Durban, South Africa just last month.


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