Serbian School Shooting Leaves 8 Children Dead

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMay 5, 2023 Comments0

A school shooting in Serbia has left eight children and one security guard dead. The shooting had happened in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, where a thirteen-year-old boy had opened fire killing several and injuring many others.

The people that were injured were taken to the hospital and some are in critical condition. According to reports, the teenage boy had reportedly planned his actions well before, as he drew out what he was going to do on several pieces of paper.

The boy reportedly took the guns and ammunition out of his parents’ safe. He used two handguns during the shooting. The thirteen-year-old boy was arrested right after the shooting, as well as his father.

Serbia’s president, Aleksandar Vučić announced that Serbia needs to start implementing stricter gun laws. There will also reportedly be three days of national mourning to the victims who had perished during this shooting.

There still has been no motive found to why the teenage boy would commit such a horrible act, but there are currently ongoing investigations.


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