Senator Mitch McConnell Freezes Up During Press Conference

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onJuly 26, 2023 Comments0

During a press conference on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, froze up on the podium in front of the press.

“Good afternoon, everyone. We’re on a path to finishing the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) this week, there’s been good bipartisan cooperation and a string of…”. That is all McConnell said before freezing on the podium, staring blankly into space for almost a minute.

His associates removed him from the scene after he stared blankly into space for almost a minute. One of McConnell’s aides said that he felt lightheaded, and that is why he froze up. McConnell later returned to the podium to take questions from the press, after a short break.

It is unknown the true cause to this incident, but many blame it on the fact that McConnell is 81 years old, and is no longer fit for office. Some even believe that this is just more proof that America needs term limits.


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