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Russian Fighter Jet Crashes Into U.S. Drone

It has been reported that a Russian fighter jet has crashed into a United States drone over the Black Sea. The crash had happened extremely close to Ukraine.

The U.S. State Department has stated that the way the Russian was flying his aircraft was “unprofessional”. According to the United States Pentagon, the drone has not yet been recovered so we do not know exactly what kind of damage the drone was dealt with.

According to Russian reports, the drone crash was reportedly an accident, and unintentional, but American reports seem to think otherwise.

The reason the United States think that this crash is intentional is because it is extremely rare to have an aircraft unintentionally crash into a known drone that is in international airspace.

The Russian fighter jet reportedly did not use any type of weaponry whatsoever. If there is one thing to come from all of this, it is that tensions between the United States and Russia will rise even higher.

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