Report Reveals China Is Shipping Weapons To Russia

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMarch 16, 2023 Comments0

Data obtained by Politico has revealed that multiple Chinese companies, with at least one having connection to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), have been sending Russia weapons and body armor.

These shipments occurred between June and December of 2022, which has led many to believe that it was to help with the war efforts. The data also revealed that Chinese companies had sent Russia 12 shipments of drone parts, more than 12 tons of body armor, and CQ-A rifles.

This evidence comes less than a month after a Chinese foreign policy official visited Russia, which seemed like the start of an alliance between the two military powers.

Russia has also been relying on other countries, including China, for navigation equipment, satellite imagery, vehicle components and other raw materials for months, with their resources and technology being drained by this year long war with Ukraine.

Despite this evidence, China has denied the idea of them selling weapons to either side maintains the fact that they just want peace.

“China did not create the crisis” said embassy spokesperson Liu Pengyu. “It is not a party to the crisis and has not provided weapons to either side of the conflict”.


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