Portland Jury Sides With Antifa Members That Doxxed Andy Ngo Resulting In Brutal Attack

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onAugust 8, 2023 Comments0

A Portland jury has sided with Antifa activists John Hacker and Elizabeth Richter, the people responsible for the doxxing of Andy Ngo, a prominent Conservative journalist.

The doxxing was not even the biggest issue though, after his location was exposed, Antifa members chased him, and beat him after he hit his head on the concrete. The group also attempted to break into the hotel he was hiding in.

This all came after a case was opened up in which a milkshake was thrown at Ngo’s head, resulting in a concussion.

How could any jury side with people that caused someone to get attacked by a large group of people just because they don’t agree with his viewpoints.

We Americans have the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech. This means that we are allowed to think and say whatever we want, without the fear of being brutally attacked by a mob of people.


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