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Pizza Delivery To The Wrong House Ends In Shooting

An accidental pizza delivery in Detroit, Michigan, caused a shootout which resulted in multiple injuries. The pizza delivery person reportedly dropped off a pizza pie at the wrong house.

However, despite the order going to the wrong house, the inhabitants of the house decided to eat it anyways. The people that did order the pizza found out about this and they were angry.

The two groups of people quickly got into an argument, and shortly after, gunfire was exchanged. According to Fox 2 Detroit, thirty rounds were fired which resulted in the injuries of at least five people.

Two of those individuals that were injured are teenagers. One was shot in the stomach, and the other was shot in the face. No one was killed during the shooting.

Many were taken to the hospitals soon after the altercation. Multiple people were taken into custody after the shooting, including some of the teenagers that were involved. Police have stated that all of the men were released except for one.

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