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Obama Speaks Out Against Attacks On Israel

After a couple days of radio silence from the Obama’s on their opinions on the war between Palestine and Israel, former President Barrack Obama has officially come out in support of Israel.

“All Americans should be horrified and outraged by the brazen terrorist attacks on Israel and the slaughter of innocent civilians. We grieve for those who died, pray for the safe return of those who’ve been held hostage, and stand squarely alongside our ally, Israel, as it dismantles Hamas. As we support Israel’s right to defend itself against terror, we must keep striving for a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.”

For the past 2 days, Israel and Palestine have been in an all-out war, with Hamas kidnapping, murdering and launching rockets at Israel, and Israel retaliating with rockets of its own.

The war started when Palestine attacked Israel from all fronts. They had planes in the sky, boats in the water, and troops on the ground, murdering as many Israelis as possible.

Hamas does not care if the people are innocent. They have kidnapped and murdered men, women, and even children.

The Biden Administration announced that it will be sending in military support to Israel, because there are many Americans now stuck in Israel due to the conflict.

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