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New Immigration Number Make American’s Worry About Their Country!

Late Friday night, the Biden Administration announced that there were 233,000 illegal immigrant crossings at our southern border in just the past month. Thats almost 8,000 people a day, and this is just the numbers that the President put out, in reality, it was probably 2 or maybe even 3 times that number.

These immigrants have nowhere to go in America. Even the big leftist cities like New York, that claim to be sanctuaries for the illegal immigrants, are beginning to turn them away because they have nowhere to put them.

House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, made a statement about these new numbers, saying “Did you see the news that Biden tried to bury last night? 233,000 illegal border crossings last month—the highest of the year. The Biden Administration is destroying our nation along the border—and Republicans should not miss this opportunity to secure our border.”

Since the beginning of Biden’s term, he has made mistake after mistake, and you sometimes wonder if Speaker McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry will go anywhere.

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