NBA Superstar, Shawn Kemp, Arrested For Drive By Shooting

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Former NBA superstar, Shawn Kemp, was allegedly involved in a drive by shooting on Wednesday, March 8th, in Tacoma Washington. According to NBC News, police had responded to shots being fired at around 2 pm Pacific Time. Kemp was arrested at around 6 pm Pacific Time.

The basketball star has recently been released but if he was convicted, he could have faced up to a $20,000 fine, and ten years in prison according to Washington law. However, recent reports have come out saying that Kemp was just acting in self-defense.

According to Kemp, someone stole items from his car, and he went to track them down. He reportedly found them by using the tracker on his iPhone. When Kemp went to confront the person, the suspect who stole Kemp’s items reportedly shot at him, so Kemp shot back in a form of self-defense.

Shawn Kemp is a six-time NBA All Star and three time All NBA Second Team. He was also recognized as one of the greatest defenders, and dunkers of all time.


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