Mexico Pharmacies Allegedly Lacing Drugs That Are Being Distributed To Americans

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMarch 15, 2023 Comments0

It has been reported that Mexican pharmacies, have been selling United States tourists, medications laced with dangerous drugs. The medications have been found to be laced with drugs such as fentanyl, which can be extremely deadly, even in small amounts.

Many Americans travel into Mexico to get medications because it is significantly cheaper than the medication in America. However, many experts advise against this because although it might be cheaper, the risk those medications pose is not worth it.

The chances for overdosing on medications is very high in Mexico. Travelers have been warned to never buy any pharmaceutical drugs in Mexico as you never know what they are laced with.

In 2019, a United States tourist had died after overdosing on a medication prescribed by a pharmacy in Mexico.

Caution with Mexican pharmacies will definitely be at an all time high if what has come out is true. This has all happened just weeks after it was reported that four Americans were kidnapped after buying medications at a Mexican pharmacy.  


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