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Messi Scores Game-Winning Goal In Final Minutes Of His First Game

Famous soccer player, Lionel Messi, scored the game winner in his first ever MLS game. Lionel Messi plays for the team Inter Miami, and in a packed stadium, he scored a last-minute free kick in the ninety-fourth minute of the match.

This will most likely end up as the most watched game in MLS history, as Messi’s influence across the world is incredible. This game already had unbelievable hype around it, but Messi scoring in the last minute was the cherry on top.

Lionel Messi coming to play soccer in the United States of America was very unexpected. However, it could be a huge turning point in the sport of soccer gaining more popularity in America.

Even though it already is one of the fastest growing sports in America, Messi will definitely contribute towards increasing the sport’s awareness.

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