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Maui Fires Leave At Least 36 Dead

A fire on Maui Island, in Hawaii, has caused many people to jump into the ocean to escape the flames. The fire was spread quickly by hurricane force winds, which caused a good portion of the island to be burnt to a crisp.

Pictures online show the town basically looking like a pile of ash. At least thirty-six people have perished but the death count is still rising.

However, the United States Coast Guard had recused over a dozen citizens as well. Many buildings, structures, and houses were destroyed from the fire.

It took hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to finally eliminate the flames. All roads and travel to Maui are now closed until further notice.

This will unfortunately cause many jobs and livelihoods to be lost. It will take years before they are able to rebuild the island to what it used to be. This is definitely one of Hawaii’s biggest natural disasters ever.

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