Man Takes Woman Hostage In Vegas Casino Hotel Room

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onJuly 13, 2023 Comments0

A SWAT team arrested a man in Las Vegas after he held a woman hostage in his room. The man also reportedly caused over fifty-thousand dollars of damage to the hotel room.

According to the hotel, the man was under the influence of hard drugs while he held this woman hostage. The man, Matthew Mannix, who is thirty-five years old, was at a standoff with the police for over six hours, according to the New York Post.

Matthew Mannix was also reportedly throwing furniture out of his window during the hostage situation. Apparently, the woman that Mannix was keeping hostage was also under the influence of drugs.

According to multiple reports, Mannix, and the female he captured, had been in a relationship beforehand, so they definitely knew each other. Mannix has been officially charged with kidnapping and his punishment is unknown as of now.


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