Man Shoots And Kills 2 People Attempting to Break Into His Apartment

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMarch 21, 2023 Comments0

A man in Texas shot two people attempting to break into his apartment on Saturday. The attempted break in occurred at around 2:30 am.

After breaking down the door, the two burglars began shooting at the man, but the resident returned fire, killing the two in the process. The suspects died at the scene after taking multiple bullets.

When the police arrived, they found one suspect inside and one just outside the of the complex. This has led many to believe that the suspect that they found outside of the house attempted to flee after being shot by the apartment resident but succumbed to his injuries after just a few steps.

“Not really sure why that happened, or why they were there, or if there is any association with one another,” Garland police Officer Matt Pesta said in a statement. “We also don’t know how the two deceased know each other at this point.”

There is still an ongoing investigation surrounding this incident in an attempt to find a motive for the shooters.


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