Man Responsible For El Paso Walmart Shooting Receives 90 Life Sentences

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The man who shot up the Walmart in El Paso, Texas, has been sentenced to ninety life sentences. He killed twenty-three people in the 2019 mass shooting. Dozens more were also injured during the attack.

Patrick Crusius, the man who committed the shooting, plead guilty to almost fifty federal hate crimes. According to police, Crusius traveled over six-hundred miles from Dallas Texas to El Paso.

He used an automatic assault rifle to kill the individuals in the store on August 3rd, 2019. Crusius is now twenty-four years old and many people are shocked that he will not get the death penalty.

Crusius plead guilty to the crime but before it was announced he would not get the death penalty, he actually plead not guilty. Crusius stated that he purposely targeted Hispanic and Latino individuals during his shooting.

Many of the victims family members had gone to court to see what punishment the shooter would get.


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