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Man Brought Into Custody After Shooting 6 Year Old And Father

A North Carolina man has been brought into custody after shooting a six year old and her father. According to multiple reports, the reason the man shot the child and her father is because a basketball had rolled into his front yard.

The six year old, reportedly had bullet damage to her cheek, and her father, who is currently in the hospital, has damages to his lung, and liver.  Robert Louis Singletary, is the twenty-four-year-old man who is being convicted of the shooting.

The altercation had happened on Tuesday when authorities were notified around 8:00 pm that a shooting was going on in Gaston County, North Carolina. Robert Louis Singletary ended up turning himself in on Thursday night.

According to NBC News, Singletary is being charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a firearm.

Singletary has also had a past of criminal convictions. He has been charged with numerous counts of assault throughout his lifetime. 

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