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Louisville Bank Shooting Leaves 6 Dead

A shooting at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky left 5 civilians and the shooter dead. Many were also injured due to the shooting and a police officer lies in critical condition after risking his life to stop the shooter. The shooter was an employee at the bank where the incident took place and was reportedly livestreaming the event. The gunman went on to shoot at the police prompting them to return fire and kill the shooter.

“The name of our Officer who was critically wounded while stopping the active shooter: Officer Nickolas Wilt, a new officer to the LMPD recently sworn in” the Louisville Police Department said in a tweet. “Officer Nickolas Wilt, a new officer to the LMPD, ran towards the gunfire today to save lives. He remains in critical condition after being shot in the head.”

The Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, released a statement regarding the shooting, saying “Today is a tragedy. Louisville and the entire commonwealth are mourning and we call on everyone to share the love, support and compassion this community desperately needs right now.”

“A senseless act took the lives of our fellow Kentuckians, including friends of mine. What these families are experiencing is unimaginable. They need us to wrap our arms around them and to love them with all our hearts” the Governor added.

“Thank you to the heroic members of the LMPD and all of our first responders who undoubtedly saved lives while putting their own at risk. We are forever grateful.”

The Governor also said that he has two close friends that died in the shooting, as well as one that is now in the hospital.

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