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Large Gun Manufacturer Moves HQ From Massachusetts To Tennesee

The firearm manufacturer, Smith and Wesson has moved their company headquarters from Massachusetts to Tennessee. The new headquarters sits on 230 acres southwest of the McGhee Tyson Airport, and the company has already announced plans to build a museum and a retail store nearby.

“In Tennessee, we know that the Second Amendment is non-negotiable and are pleased to officially welcome Smith & Wesson to Maryville. Their significant investment in our state is a testament to our pro-business policies, and we look forward to their continued partnership to bolster our economic development and exceptionally skilled workforce,” Senator Marsha Blackburn said in a statement.

The firearm company had been located in Massachusetts for nearly 2 centuries but must have seen that the gun restrictions in that state were becoming stricter and stricter, so moved to a more gun friendly state such as Tennessee.

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