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Kevin O’Leary Gives Take On Target’s Woke Decisions

Kevin O’Leary, the popular multi-millionaire from the TV show Shark Tank, has told Fox News that ever since going woke, Target has lost around fifteen billion dollars.

This is by far one of the worst company downfalls we have ever seen. According to Fox News, the value of Target fell to around sixty-billion dollars, which is over a thirteen-billion-dollar decrease.

Target has recently been showboating a lot of gay pride merchandise around their store. They have even been promoting products to younger children and babies.

The CEO of Target, Brian Cornell, had stated that he will continue to keep putting out pride merchandise throughout their stores.

We have seen a similar scenario happening to the popular beer brand, Bud Light. They had done a similar thing as Target, in regard to promoting the pride movement. Just like Target, their sales had fallen tremendously as well.

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