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Joey Chesnut Wins 16th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

Joey Chestnut won his sixteenth Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. The Hot Dog Eating Competition is an annual event that is held every July 4th by Nathan’s.

The event was actually delayed for over two hours earlier today because of thunderstorms that was endangering the people who were competing and watching the competition.

The event took place on Coney Island and at points, there were talks of the event just being canceled completely. Nathan’s was very worried that people would be injured by lightning from the storm.

However, according to multiple reports, Joey Chestnut actually insisted that the event would go on despite the storms. Chestnut made a very inspirational speech and a dramatic entrance on the stage of the competition.

Joey Chestnut ate sixty-two hotdogs. Despite this being below what he was projected, the rain delay definitely contributed to him not eating as many as usual.

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