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Ja Morant Suspended For Flashing Gun On Instagram Live

Famous basketball player Ja Morant has been suspended for flashing a gun online once again. The account the video was on was “_dtap2” but the video is now deleted.

This is very puzzling because just a couple months ago, when Ja Morant was seen flashing a gun on Instagram Live, he had stated that he would be taking accountability for his actions. He even went to counseling after the event.

The Memphis Grizzlies, which is the NBA team that Ja Morant plays for, has come out with an announcement stating that they are aware of the video and Ja Morant has been suspended from all of the team’s activities.

Other famous athletes such as New York Jet’s player, Sauce Gardner, have commented on the situation.

In a deleted tweet, Gardner stated, “Everybody have guns bro. No need to post it on IG live lol”.

Morant is a very talented basketball player who can still have a great career. He is only twenty-three years old, with a Rookie Of The Year Award, and Most Improved Player award.

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