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Indian Politician Assassinated On Live TV

An Indian Politician who had been allegedly convicted of a kidnapping has been shot on live TV. The man, Atiq Ahmed, and his brother, Ashraf Ahmed, were being questioned in a live interview when the event took place.

According to BBC News, three men, who were allegedly disguised as news reporters, shot the Ahmed brothers dead. BBC News also reported that Atiq Ahmed’s last words before he got shot were, “They did not take us, so we did not go.”

The three men that were responsible for the shooting were taken into custody shortly after. Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed were actually in handcuffs, and being taken into custody during their interview before they were shot.

Ahmed’s son had also been shot just a week before this shooting had taken place. Atiq Ahmed has had many cases against him throughout the years but the most notable ones were murder and kidnapping cases.

Atiq had been a state law maker and had other political affiliation at some time in his life as well.

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