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Idaho School Board Member Says He Will Piss On Governor’s Grave

A member of the Boise school board said that he will piss on the Governor’s grave when he dies. The young board member did this in a social media post on Twitter.

“F*ck you @GovernorLittle. I pray you live a long life so you can bear witness to the pain you’ve unleashed on Idaho’s children and families today. When you do die though, I’m pissing on your grave.”

This tweet was in response to the Governor banning the distribution of hormones and puberty blockers to minors.

Just a few hours after this post, the board member released another statement saying “I have received some concerns that the language in my last tweet was inappropriate and inconsistent with my position as a school board member.”

“My strong language is reflective of my anger and frustration with the pointlessness of diplomatic dialogue with legislators and a governor who have shown such little regard for the lives of Idaho youth” the board member added.

“The hypocrisy of suggesting that a profane tweet is more harmful than what HB 71 could unleash on our trans and non-binary youth baffles me”.

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