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GAP Set To Sue Kanye West’s Clothing Brnd

The popular clothing brand GAP has sued Kanye West’s clothing brand, Yeezy, for two million dollars.

GAP sued Yeezy because of a reported failed collaboration that according to GAP, made them look bad. GAP claims that Yeezy are the ones responsible for the criticism on their company.

According to the New York Post, the company Art City Center (which is the company that owns the building leased for GAP) is suing GAP. GAP thinks they will be sued for two million dollars which is why they are suing Kanye West for that much.

GAP and Yeezy had been a very successful collaboration back in 2020 as millions would buy their collaborated products. However, their relationship is now completely down the drain and the two are bitter enemies.

GAP is just one of many who split apart from Kanye West over his recent controversial opinions.

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