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Fuel Tanker Crashes And Explodes Killing 1 And Injuring 2

A fuel tanker truck crashed on a Connecticut bridge leaving at least one person dead. The crash occurred Friday, April 21st, around 11:00 am.  

According to multiple reports, a car’s tire had blown out, which caused the truck to roll over the tire. The truck toppled over and created a huge fire on the bridge.

Multiple fire trucks raced to the scene to try and help out. According to Connecticut’s governor, Ned Lamont, the truck spilled around 2,200 gallons of fuel. Most of the fuel had spilled into the Thames River.

Multiple photos online show a large amount of smoke forming on the bridge. The truck driver had unfortunately died in the crash. Two people that were involved in the crash were injured and taken to the hospital. However, they seem to be in stable condition.

Multiple lanes are still closed from the crash that occurred. The roads are now covered in burn marks. Many of the bridge parts also melted because of the fire.

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