Ford Recalling Over 100,000 Vehicles Due To Engine Issue

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onJune 6, 2023 Comments0

The vehicle company, Ford, is recalling over 125,000 vehicles due to an issue with the engine. This issue happens when the engine fails. After the engine fails, the car could catch on fire.

In July of last year, over 100,000 vehicles other vehicles were recalled due to a similar issue with the engine. The company also announced a recall for almost 150,000 other vehicles last week due to more fire hazards.

“In the event of an engine failure, significant quantities of engine oil and/or fuel vapor may be released into the under hood environment resulting in potential underhood fire, localized melting of components, or smoke” Ford said in a statement.

Ford has said that they are not telling customers to stop driving their vehicles, however if there is smoke coming out of the hood, or if the engine won’t start, then the customer should shut off the engine as fast as possible.


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