Fishing Boat Sinks Leaving Hundreds Dead Off The Coast Of Greece

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onJune 24, 2023 Comments0

A fishing boat traveling to Italy has killed hundreds of people after it sank into waters near Greece. An estimated seven-hundred people were on board the ship.

According to multiple reports, the fishing boat was only supposed to carry a maximum of four-hundred people. Over three-hundred-fifty of those people were from Pakistan.

This is reportedly going to be known as the deadliest incident in the Mediterranean Sea. The incident had happened on Wednesday, June 14th.

However, you may be asking why you haven’t heard about this since so many people had died? Well, that is because the story about the five million/billionaires who had perished attempting to go to the Titanic, got way more publicity than this story at the Mediterranean Sea.


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