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Fire Breaks Out After Helicopters Collide

A grassland fire occurred in Riverside County, California. During this fire, a firefighting helicopter crashed with another firefighting helicopter, killing all three people that were aboard the aircraft.

One of the helicopters was able to land safely but the other wasn’t.

The crash had also caused a four-acre fire, however, that was extinguished shortly after.

According to ABC News, the victims who perished are named, Josh Bischof, Tim Rodriguez, and Tony Sousa. The crash happened at around 6:00 p.m. PT.

The plane that had crashed reportedly hit a nearby hill. This matter is still being investigated because it is extremely rare when two helicopters collide.

It is even more puzzling considering that both of these pilots were highly trained and experienced.

Many prayers have gone out to the ones that have perished, as well as the victims families.

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