Ex-NFL Player Drowns Off The Coast Of Florida

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An ex-NFL player named Ryan Mallett, has died after drowning at a beach in Florida. Mallett was just thirty-five years old when he passed away.

According to reports, Mallett was with a group of swimmers struggling to get back to shore. Lifeguards had attempted to rescue Mallett, but he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Mallett had played at Arkansas University before he was drafted into the NFL by the New England Patriots. He had also played with the Baltimore Ravens, and the Houston Texans.

After Mallett finished his NFL career, he decided to become a coach for a high school in Arkansas.

The New England Patriots have already made a post on social media expressing their sadness towards Ryan Mallett’s death.

This has all come just a few days after another ex-NFL player, Cedric Killings, had died due to cancer at the age of forty-five. The way that Cedric Killings had retired is truly horrifying as he actually fractured his neck in an NFL game. Mallet and Killings will both be missed by many.


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