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ESPN Set To Lay Off 20 Of Their Biggest Stars

The popular sports news, and social media company, ESPN, has announced that they are laying off twenty of their biggest stars.

Some of these stars are Max Kellerman, Jeff Van Gundy, and Jalen Rose. They are also letting go of sports announcers, such as Mike Breen and Mark Jackson, who are both very popular.

It seems that ESPN has been undergoing a lot of financial problems throughout the past year. It has also been rumored throughout the past couple months that ESPN would completely cut off their cable network which is called SportsCenter (a television show that highlights some of the main sports moments that are happening in the world).

This would not only be a big deal to the company of ESPN, but also to cable itself. A lot of people only purchase cable television because they want to watch SportsCenter. The future of ESPN is still unknown, but it is definitely going downhill.

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