Earthquake Strikes Ecuador and Peru Leaving At Least 15 Dead

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMarch 20, 2023 Comments0

An earthquake that took place in Ecuador and Peru on Saturday, March 18th, has been responsible for the deaths of at least fifteen people. According to reports, there has been multiple search teams sent out, looking for any more bodies, as well as any possible survivors.

Over a hundred people were also injured from this earthquake. The earthquake had taken down multiple houses and buildings that were in the area.

Civilians who were in the proximity of the earthquake, were trapped under rubble and structures that had collapsed. Many schools and transportation vehicles were also damaged from the earthquake.

Since Ecuador and Peru are located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is a very common occurrence to have earthquakes in those two countries. All of this has taken place just one month after the earthquake disaster in Syria and Turkey, which has killed almost fifty-thousand people.


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