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Donald Trump Attends UFC 287

Donald Trump made an appearance at the UFC 287 event on Saturday, April 8th. The event took place in Miami, Florida, and the stadium was sold out.

Former President Trump had reportedly attended to show support for his good friend, and the owner of the UFC, Dana White. He also wanted to show support for one of the fighters, who Trump is also friends with Jorge Masvidal.

Trump sat ringside at the event next to Dana White. As Trump was being shown on the big screen, chants for “Let’s go Brandon” had erupted in the crowd.

Unfortunately for Masvidal, he had lost his fight. He had been competing against the Brazilian UFC fighter, Gilbert Burns. After his fight, Masvidal had announced that he will retire from the sport of UFC.

Many fans were shocked to see Donald Trump attending this event, considering the events that had recently taken place over the last few days. Just a couple days ago, Trump had plead not guilty to thirty-four felony counts. He is also facing up to 134 years in prison.

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