DeSantis Fires Back At Trump Claim About Florida Covid Response

Posted byFreedom Rises Posted onMay 26, 2023 Comments0

Florida Governor, and now Presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, fired back at Donald Trump, after the former President claimed New York had a better response to Covid than Florida.

“First of all, Florida had less excess mortality than California or New York,” DeSantis said in response to this attack. “Part of that is because states like California had excess mortality derived from the lockdown policy, which is really, really avoidable mortality.”

“But if he thinks Cuomo handled it better, that’s an indication if something like this were to happen again, he would double down and do what he did in March of 2020,” DeSantis added.

“That was a difficult situation. We didn’t have all the facts, and people can kind of understand if you did things that may not have worked out,” the GOP presidential contender said. “But we all have to sit here today in 2023, look back on March of 2020 and say, ‘Faucism was wrong. Faucism was destructive. Faucism has set us on this path with the CARES Act and the Fed printing money, creating inflation, and creating some of the economic problems that we have today.”

DeSantis also added that Trump should have fired Fauci, instead of allowing him to scare everyone into their homes.

Since DeSantis announced his run for President, Trump has been taking even more shots at him, with many videos and statement coming from Trump everyday criticizing DeSantis.

It seems as though Trump feels DeSantis is his biggest competition in the 2024 election, and not someone in the Democrat party like Biden.


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