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Daniel Penny Breaks Silence After Jordan Neeley’s Death

For one of the first times since he put the aggressive homeless man in a fatal chokehold, Marine veteran Daniel Penny spoke about the killing. “It’s tragic what happened to him,” Penny said. “Hopefully, we can change the system that’s so desperately failed us.”

A major talking point of the media has been that Penny is a racist and that is why he killed the homeless man; however, he refuted that saying how he loves all cultures and was actually planning to take a road trip in Africa before the incident.

Penny claims that he acted in self-defense, after the homeless man started screaming on a New York City subway about jail and being tired. Some witnesses of the incident claimed that Jordan Neeley was screaming words such as “kill” and “bullet” during his rants.

Another firsthand account said, “It was self-defense, and I believe in my heart that [Penny] saved a lot of people that day that could have gotten hurt,”.

If Penny is convicted on this case, he could spend up to 15 years in prison.

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